How to Organically Increase Facebook Likes [VLOG #7]

I was absolutely flooded with awesome questions this week. So much so that I couldn’t pick just a couple to answer. I somehow answered seven in about 12 minutes.

Watch this week’s episode above. You can also read the original questions at the bottom of this page. Keep the great questions coming!

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“Not about marketing, but wondering what you did before you got into Facebook marketing consulting and your journey towards becoming an independent consultant”
– Gary Magnone

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“how to grow your ‘likes’ organically using target prospects/ how do you get found (as a business) on Facebook?”
– Chloe Forbes-Kindlen

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“What are some of the things that you struggle with in regards to content creation. (Video, audio, images, articles) thanks!”
– Tim Danyo

“I’ve plateau’d at 620 likes by using facebook advertising, what else can I do to overcome?”
– Josh Boyne

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“What would you advice for post promoting? How much can you get from $10?”
– Deni Jelincic

“Whats your best advice on editorial content plan for facebook? Whats the best content to post to get the most engagement?”
– Jeffrey SocialMedia Guy Rufino

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“What are the best ways to promote your page offline?”
– Hamilton Bean