The ROI of Social Media [VLOG #2]

It’s the second episode of my video blog! As was the case last week, the format is answering your questions. So be on the lookout for a post from me on my Facebook page with the caption “Ask Me Anything!” I’ll also be answering some of the remaining questions on my weekly podcast.

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OK, how do YOU prove social media ROI?
– Alisa Meredith

What is your opinion of the Facebook fail today (
– Kristine Simpson

What’s your take on answering (or not, and how) to comments with complaints or creating “bad publicity” on a products page?
– Nimrod Ganzarski

How do you get your site to a 5 or better Google Page Rank?
– Heidi Jo

Would you mind taking a look at my page and giving me some constructive criticism on it? Btw, you rock, Jon!
– Ahna Rebekah Hendrix