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Marcus Sheridan — the man, the myth and the legend — pulled up a barstool and we got sensitive on this week’s Pubcast.

This was a fun one to do. Marcus is a guy I’ve always looked up to. I’d even consider him something of a mentor. Reading his stuff is what got me through a lot of tough times, and his content is really what set me on the path I’m on now.

Eventually, we’d get to know each other personally, and I consider him a friend. Yes, he’s an amazing marketer and public speaker — world class, in fact. But he’s an even better dude.

In this week’s episode, we go a bit off the grid. We don’t mess much with Facebook marketing, but instead focus quite a bit on many of the topics that we grapple with every day as entrepreneurs and parents.

Here are a few of the topics we covered this week:

  • Balancing the life of an entrepreneur and fatherhood
  • Making a difference and changing lives
  • Technology and the creation of art
  • Financial security vs. innovation
  • The obsession over stats
  • Storytelling and earning trust

I mentioned how my 12-year-old son Michael had done a “Me Project” video for school in which he Googled a picture of me and found the cheesiest one possible. Here it is…

Michael Me Project

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