How to Measure Facebook Marketing Success [VLOG #13]

Not sure how to measure the success of your Facebook marketing efforts? Let’s dive in!

This is a continuation of my webinar last week, so I was able to go into a bit more detail today. Here are a few things I covered:

  • Definition of success depends on your goals
  • Could be focused on engagement, reach or specific consumptions
  • Measure the success of specific posts, post types, and day or time of the week

I also dug further into the eight ratios that I use to measure success. They are:

  • Consumptions vs. Impressions
  • Consumers vs. Reach
  • Engaged Fans vs. Page Likes
  • Engaged Fans vs. Fans Reached
  • Fans Reached vs. Page Likes
  • Fan Stories vs. Fan Impressions
  • Fans Talking About This vs. Page Likes
  • Fans Talking About This vs. Fans Reached

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