Text Updates Devalued in the Facebook News Feed… Now What? [Video]

After nearly a six month hiatus, the Video Blog is back!

I had to take some time off as I started work on my online training courses. It turned out to be a very good shift in priorities!

So here’s what you can expect in this episode…

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Question of the Week

This week’s question came from my man Blake Jamieson:

The article below outlines how Facebook is treating updates from people differently than from pages. Any ideas for how brands can maximize reach and impact of content – given the fact that text updates from pages have been de-valued?

Of course, the link Blake was referring to is this one.

The Answer

In brief, Facebook admitted that text updates were getting more visibility than other forms of content because users who saw such updates were posting more. But…

This was not the case when brands created text updates, so Facebook decided to cut down the visibility of such posts, but only when shared by brands.

Read more details in my blog post on this topic.

In the video above, I also cover:

  • Why it Happened
  • Negative Impact
  • Positive Impact
  • What You Need to Do

Quit stalling and watch the video!

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What Did You Think?

This year, I plan to invest much more in video. This one is much cleaner than what I’ve done in the past. However, I also know it’s not perfect (note the moment that I was clearly rubbing my head in frustration, resulting in a red forehead!).

What do you think of the new look? Let me know in the comments below!