Problem: Facebook Tabs Aren’t Mobile Friendly [VLOG]

First, I’m kicking it old school again this week as I filmed from my office. I’m waiting for one part in the mail before I can go back to the studio. Thanks for your patience!

As always, I’ll be answering one of your questions every week. Great question this week from PonyBoy Press:

why aren’t tabs supported in mobile and why isn’t that clear when we’re being forced to use pay for apps(and tabs) for contests

This is something misunderstood by many — if not most — Facebook marketers. They create a Facebook tab and link to it, thinking everyone can see it.

Not true! If you use the direct link, it will not work on a mobile device. So, are you wasting money on tabs?

Nope. I use ShortStack (here’s a review I wrote). They provide a smart URL so that when you share it, anyone can see it.

I’m sure other services offer smart links as well, but ShortStack is the only one I use and can recommend.

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