Facebook Metrics That Matter and an Ethics Debate Concerning User Data

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FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights

I’m thrilled to announce my latest training course, this time focusing on the metrics that matter. I break down what to expect in what will undoubtedly be the most comprehensive Facebook Insights course available anywhere.

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Breaking Down Custom Audiences

The Custom Audiences feature is a hot topic right now in Facebook marketing. Now that all advertisers have access to targeting offline customers (email addresses, phone numbers, UIDs), it’s important everyone understand what we’re capable of doing with this feature.

I also dig a little deeper to discuss some use cases for Custom Audiences that include increasing Page Likes, extending the reach of posts, selling or upgrading a product, reaching more users with a newsletter and targeting users similar to your subscribers.

Finally, I take on a controversial topic: Debating the ethics of scraping Pages and groups for user data to create Custom Audiences. For more on this, make sure you read my separate blog post.

5 Buried Metrics

Finally, I drill down a little deeper into Facebook Insights, using my recent blog post for Social Media Examiner as inspiration.

There are five stats that are routinely ignore or misunderstood:

  • Fans Reached
  • Engaged Fans
  • Post Consumers/Consumptions
  • Link Clicks
  • Positive Feedback

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