Facebook and the Evolution of Creepiness with Mike Maghsoudi [Podcast]

Mike MaghsoudiMike Maghsoudi pulled up a barstool this week, becoming my first two-time guest on the Pubcast.

What did we talk about? Hmmm… what didn’t we talk about?

Here’s a recap of the topics that were covered:

  • The new Timeline and how it impacts Graph Search
  • Scams and annoying Facebook activities
  • How I think the new News Feed could help pages that suck
  • How Following Feed could lead to a mass unliking
  • How the new photos could lead to a Drop in Engagement
  • Graph Search, Utility vs. creepiness and the evolution of privacy
  • The final word on the usefulness of Reach

Take a listen below. You also have several ways to access the Pubcast:

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