What, When and How to Post on Facebook [Infographic]

Dan Zarella of Hubspot analyzed data on more than 1.3 Million posts by the top 10,000 Facebook Pages to help determine How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares.

Some interesting findings…

Photos Are Good, Links Suck!

Photos are great for likes, but status updates generate the most comments. Photos still rule virality, though, since fans are most likely to share them than any other type of content. Videos aren’t nearly as successful as I’d think, and links are like the plague.

If you like my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed that I share photos more these days. In fact, I’ll share a photo instead of a link, then attach a link within the description even when sharing a blog post.

Size Matters… Sorta?

It’s time to rethink the ideal post length. Previously, Buddy Media had reported that the ideal post length was under 80 characters. While Zarella also found that short posts were successful, longer posts actually generate more shares.

It’s All About YOU!

Remember when you were told to make it about your fan and less about you? Yeah, well… maybe not. Posts with the words “I” or “me” tend to get more likes. So how about that?

Love Stuff and Hate Stuff!

Take a side! If you want to get the most shares, post something negative. The best way to avoid getting likes is to be neutral. So don’t be afraid to have an opinion!

Ideal Day and Time to Post

Now, Dan also posts some data on the ideal hour of the day and day of the week to post. If you want something shared, post it around 6 PM EST. If you want people to like, post it closer to 8 PM. And to get the biggest bang for your buck, share that stuff on the weekends.

This is interesting, but I strongly advise that you look at your Insights to determine the best times and days to post. Where your audience is and when they’re online will significantly impact these numbers. You actually may have multiple sweet spots, and you won’t know for sure without experimenting a bit (even with times when you wouldn’t normally post!).

What Do You Think?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comments below!

How to Get More Likes Comments and Shares by Dan Zarella