Website Facebook Subscribe Button is LIVE!

A few months ago, Facebook launched subscriptions, giving people the ability to follow the public posts of others without becoming a “friend.” Likewise, this presented an opportunity for public figures to allow people to follow them in a less corporate and official way than becoming a “fan” of a page.

As soon as this feature was released, I pined for a web button that I could put on my site. Finally, it’s here.

Mashable Facebook Subscribe

Mashable was quick to bring the Subscribe button to their site.

Facebook provides the instructions and code for creating your button here. This will allow people who read your website to instantly follow your public posts with the click of a button. When they interact with their content, it will be displayed in their Ticker, allowing their friends to immediately subscribe as well.

Of course, the real question is… Do you want to put such a button on your site? It really comes down to the following:

1) You’d rather have people follow your public posts than go to the trouble of creating an official Facebook page;

2) The content you plan to share publicly will be focused and relevant to those who subscribe to you;

3) You aren’t concerned about analytics or driving more people with Facebook ads.

I ultimately shifted my own focus from subscriptions to creating my own professional Facebook page, related largely to these three things. My public content isn’t focused enough, and those who subscribe to me do so for digital marketing information. And I want to retain the ability to drive more likes with ads and track activity with Facebook Insights.

But I’m not everyone. I see this applying most to celebrities — those who can focus their public content or whose fans won’t care how focused that content is. But I do think it may be good for other publishers, assuming they can keep their public content focused.

My main suggestion: Don’t do both. You shouldn’t put both a Like Box and a Subscribe Button on your website. It’s confusing. Commit to one.

How about you? Will you be adding a Subscribe button to your website?