What Engagement Can You Expect from Facebook Contests? [VLOG #5]

I decided to add a little wrinkle this week. In addition to answering your questions that appear in the comments of my “Ask Me Anything” Facebook post, you can now ask me a question by leaving a voicemail. This is done by simply clicking on the Leave Voicemail button on the side of this website. If you do that and I answer your question, I’ll use your audio for the video blog!

Some good stuff this week. Enjoy!

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“GRAPH SEARCH – it’s interesting but I’m not THAT impressed. Have you been through it methodically? Am I miss something?”
– Bob Farnham

“Now that you’ve received the Social Media Examiner award for top 10 blogs of 2013. What’s next? Any new goals for you to work toward? You can’t stop now right?!”
– Jacob Curtis

“I made a contest (answer the question in the comments to participate) using Shortstack. Can you please tell me, what can I expect from engagent, since I only have 360 fans, how long to run one in general, and of course some additional advices on how to promote the contest. Thank you”
– Deni Jelincic

“How to handle building an email marketing program from a stale list (built painstakingly over the past year) now that we’re ready to move forward (branding, messaging and website) with it – send communication and offer opt out? I’d hate to start over, curious on your thoughts.”
– Julie