How Can You Benefit From Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking? [VLOG #4]

I’ve decided to shorten up my weekly video blog a bit to focus on one — maybe two — of your questions. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for my Facebook post on Tuesday or Wednesday each week with the headline “Ask Me Anything!” That will be your opportunity to ask a question that will be featured on my video blog.

Two really good questions this week. For those of you I missed, keep trying!

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“I’m seeing Conversion Tracking in some my ads accounts, is this a new feature that Facebook is rolling out? What are the best ways to utilize it? Does it cancel out using other Analytics tools, like Google Analytics?”
– Mushki Deitsch

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“With the abundance of data (insight) you can download from Facebook – what are the key measurables to track for your page? And, when should you be concerned over the numbers. For example – negative feedback (read your article on this one) – at what percentage of unlikes and hides should you be concerned?”
– Chad Diedrick

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