How Do You Attract More Facebook Fans? [VLOG #3]

It’s the third episode of my video blog! As was the case last week, the format is answering your questions. So be on the lookout for a post from me on my Facebook page with the caption “Ask Me Anything!”

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Watch the video here. The five questions I answered are also below!

[By the way: Enjoy the weird lighting that happens to my face at the 11 minute point. Still figuring this video blog thing out!]

What is Graph Search and what does it mean to Facebook users?
– Michael George Holmes

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What are some ways you attract fans to your Facebook page? I’d love to hear any tips on growing a quality fan base
– Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Should I have a content plan for my Facebook posts? Any more insights on what actual content on post on the page.
– Mushki Deitsch

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How do you decide/prioritize what you post on various platforms?

I’m trying to balance my posts among Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Publishing calendar? Got any tips?
– Bob Farnham

Regarding advertising… When to stop? When are there enough likes where there will naturally be growth without having to advertise? Is there a number?
– Diana Jimenez