Updates: The Old Contest, The New Contest and Repositioning

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post. This is not typical. The main reason is that I’m getting as aggressive as ever with this job thing. I also spent three days in Philadelphia on a consulting trip. And that leads me to…

The Old Contest

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you’re probably aware of a contest I’m holding to get me a job. There are even official rules. Yes, it is very self-serving. But dude needs a job.

Well, it’s more than a month later now, and I sort of have a job. It’s not full-time, but I was never specific in my rules (dangit!). I am consulting with an organization to provide them with a three-year digital strategy.

And that’s where we get ourselves into a bit of a pickle. And I quote…

Employees, directors, officers and principals of the Sponsor, including its licensees, advertising and promotion agencies, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate (in other words, Jobless Dude and his family.

Well, my first consulting gig fell in my lap because my wife shared my blog on Facebook. So while she’d technically then be the winner, she’s not eligible. In which case I could just give the “prize” to the organization itself.

Let’s go back to those rules for a refresher on that grand prize:

Grand Prize Package (get me a job):

$50 donation to your charity of choice
A day donated to you or company/charity of your choice on a project fitting Jobless Dude’s skills
A month as Jobless Dude’s best friend. As his best friend, he will send you a weekly annoying email and you two will have an uncomfortable cup of coffee over Skype.

It’s a bit ironic (isn’t it?) that the charity I featured as a subtle suggestion was Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Well, that is the organization I’m consulting for (and, yes, I’m okay ending a sentence with a preposition sometimes).

I am my own arbitrator. My wife wins. I will have said Skype calls with her even though she lives in my house. A check for $50 will be written to a charity of her choice (and you can bet it will be ALSF). And I will also have to do a day’s worth of work for her company or charity. No word on that yet, but I can only imagine where this is heading.

There is also a runner-up. I need to do some research to determine who that might be.

The New Contest

Hot Dog Eating Contest

The New Contest will be much less painful than a hot dog eating contest and even more rewarding.

Now that the Old Contest is over, it’s time for a new one. The details on this still need to be sorted out. But I am going to allow organizations to submit for a free analysis of their social and digital marketing strategy, complete with recommendations.

I will work with the winner to recommend improvements to their digital and social media strategy as follows:

  • Winner to complete a survey detailing their current efforts
  • One hour phone call to fill in details of those efforts along with goals and priorities of the company
  • Conduct up to five one-hour interviews with staff members to better understand goals, priorities, obstacles, processes and ideas of the company
  • Conduct full analysis of current digital and social media efforts (website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile, etc.)
  • Provide full report on current efforts, recommendations, campaign ideas and recommended next steps (including putting you into contact with those who can execute recommendations)

Total value of this package is $4,000, but the winner will get it for free. More details to follow shortly.


I’ve realized something lately. Finding a full-time job that is right for me may not happen anytime soon. I need freedom and authority to create, exciting and unique opportunities, competitive salary, and flexible travel and office arrangements. I’ve been spoiled with my prior jobs, and I just haven’t found the right combination yet. I don’t want to settle.

I initially created this site mainly as a way to display my resume and find a full-time job, along with some generalities about consulting. But I now want to reposition it for consulting. It’s through consulting that I can satisfy all of my job requirements.

So over the coming days, you’ll see some changes around here. The site will begin transforming into that of a consultant, providing clear services and opportunities. And the new contest will also be spelled out in more detail.

So stay tuned! Much more to come…