I have my own website and configured events, but I sell on a third-party ecommerce platform and can’t configure those events. What do I do?

This is going to be a very big problem for a lot of people. Since you can’t verify the domain, you won’t be able to configure the event occurring on that domain. And you won’t be able to optimize for that event. Hopefully, that platform allows you to redirect post-conversion to a page on your… Read more »

I’m trying to configure my events, but I’m getting the message that the domain is owned by another business. What do I do?

That means that the domain has already been verified by someone else. The domain owner has the ability to configure events. If you are close to the business, they may add your pixel to their Business Manager and include your pixel among the events. Otherwise, you will not be able to optimize for conversions and… Read more »

I work for an international busy that utilizes a single domain. We use subdomains and URL paths to separate business segments and regions. Each segment has its own goals, and often different events and agencies managing its ads. We couldn’t possibly fit all of this within an 8-event limit. What do we do?

This will be a challenge. Since you are under a single domain, the 8-event limit will apply to the entire business. You should create general events that can be agreed upon throughout the organization and share access to all (using a single pixel). You may also consider a more drastic structural change, like creating separate… Read more »

I work for an agency. Should we verify client domains? Our pixels are on their websites. How should we manage this?

This is going to be difficult for many agencies. First, only the domain owner should have their domain verified. The client should use their own Business Manager, verify their domain, and use their pixel. They can then invite partners (like agencies) to get access to assets within their Business Manager. Read More: How to Optimize… Read more »

I’m in Web Event Configurations, and I’m not seeing my events. Where are they??

There are many potential explanations for this. Among them: You haven’t selected the right pixel The event you’re looking for isn’t active The event you’re looking for wasn’t set up properly The event you’re looking for fires on another domain The pixel you’re looking for isn’t connected to this Business Manager Read More: Where Are… Read more »