How to Get More Facebook Likes: Write More Good Content

Content is King Yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it a million times. You need content. You need good content. You need a lot of it. It’s what keeps your social media accounts fresh and drives up your search engine results. But we often say things with authority that simply aren’t true. It’s nice to have… Read more »

How to Use Facebook Page Insights

Brand managers with a Facebook page have a very important, free tool at their disposal: Insights. You don’t need to blindly post to your page, unaware of what works and what doesn’t. Insights creates graphs and charts that help you easily determine what posts are generating the most discussion, how many people you’re reaching, and… Read more »

11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

I struggled with the title of this tutorial. “11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans.” I’ve seen too many articles with a similar title full of empty promises. And they’re all written by shady social media “gurus” or “ninjas” who claim you’re missing an opportunity to get rich quick with your Facebook page. Let me… Read more »