The Most Important Facebook Advertising Metric

I’ve shown you How to Create a Facebook Ad. I’ve also shown you How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign. Heck, I’ve even shown you How to Measure Facebook Ad Success. But today, I’m going to talk about the only Facebook advertising metric that matters. Cost Per Like Previously, I took you through the… Read more »

The Problem With Facebook Page Post Ads

I’m a big believer in Facebook ads and have had great success using their standard advertising approach. But last week, I was given a $100 coupon code, so I decided to go experimental and try the other ad types. And while I had some success, there is a problem with Facebook page post ads. What… Read more »

How Restaurants Can Benefit From Facebook

We’ve already established that if you’re a business owner, your brand needs to be on Facebook. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Make no mistake, however, certain industries can benefit more than others. There is no industry with more Facebook marketing opportunities than the food industry. It is a perfect fit. That’s why… Read more »