Six Week Training Program – I’m Interested!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I’ll be reaching out to you soon with more details.

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P.S. Here are the details, in case you got here by mistake!

I’m brainstorming an idea, and I’d love your feedback. Could you give me a few minutes?

A little over a year ago, I moved to the perpetual membership model. It’s been great, but it doesn’t fill the needs of those who want something more short-term and immediate.

As I’ve listened to many marketers like you, I see a possible need for a six-week training program model. Not like the old training course model that I abandoned, but something different.

I’m thinking out loud here, but following are some ideas of what a six-week training program might look like:

1. A weekly webinar with a logical progression through these six weeks. It would begin with intermediate topics before going more advanced. Length of these webinars would be at least 60 minutes and would allow for Q&A. Replays would be available to those who can’t attend.

2. A top tier option that includes a weekly one-on-one session for those who want more personal guidance. We could set the topic consistent with that week’s webinar and your assignment.

3. An application process. I want to be sure that only those I’m confident I can help are signing up.

4. A cap on the number of active participants. In particular, this would be necessary if I include a one-on-one element. If we have a one-on-one level, I would only allow five to 10 participants at that tier per six-week session, for example.

5. This would be separate of the Power Hitters Club, my private membership. As you know, the PHC is an active community of advanced Facebook marketers that get access to a private Facebook group, weekly 30-minute webinars and 90-minute workshops every two months. But it isn’t a structured and progressive course.

I’ve only begun to brainstorm on this, and I will certainly want your involvement when determining whether it’s feasible, how it’s structured, the content covered and the price points. But I want to start at a very basic level for now.

Thanks for your help! Plenty more to come…