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If you want to be smarter, richer, younger, more famous and more beautiful, you need to sign up for my newsletter. These things are all guaranteed (to happen naturally, but likely not related to my newsletter).

It took me a while, but yes… I finally have a newsletter! It’s a staple of any good website, and I’ve been working to get one done for far too long now. In case you’re wondering which software I went with, I chose AWeber after taking several recommendations from people I respect.

What can you expect? Besides the part about getting rich and beautiful, of course (that’s implied). Well, I’m going to start simple. I’ll be sending out a weekly recap every Tuesday morning of the posts you may have missed, complete with any other news I need to throw at you. My focus, as is the site, will be on helping businesses reach their goals through the use of social media.

If I ever stumble on some big news that will help you (like the Facebook Small Business Boost contest), I’ll send out an occasional extra message. But that will be rare.

Frankly, I’m backed up in email. I know you are, too, so I’m sensitive to that. I am going to make sure that anything I send will have value to you.

Have any requests for my newsletters? Let me know! Otherwise, fill out the form to the right and join the club!