Section 3: Wrap-up

You did it! You completed Section 3: Intermediate Strategies. This was quite a busy section, but here are a few highlights of what you learned:

  • The differences between ad types and how to create them
  • The importance of controlling placement
  • Targeting with Precise Interests, Broad Categories and Connections
  • The differences between bidding options and when to use them
  • Duplicating, bulk editing, pausing and deleting of campaigns and ads

You’ve learned so much in the first three sections! You had a lot more thrown at you in this section, so I’m proud of you for making it through!

In Section 4, it’s going to be time to get advanced. This is when it gets fun!

Section 4

Following are the lessons from Section 4: Advanced Strategies…

1. Conversion Tracking
2. Saved Target Group
3. Partner Categories
4. Custom Audiences
5. Lookalike Audiences
6. Conversion Specs
7. Split Testing
8. Unpublished Posts
9. Domain Sponsored Stories
Section 4: Wrap-up