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Custom Event Mastery [TRAINING]

Access the complete training to learn how to master powerful custom events for Meta ads reporting, optimization, and targeting.

How to Improve Meta Verified

Getting more people and businesses verified is good for users, businesses, and Meta. The more confident you are that people are who they say they are, the better the experience. But Meta needs to separate verification from the paid subscription. Many businesses may want to get verified but don’t want the extra benefits. Charge a… Read more »

Custom Events to Replace Link Clicks

These actions are way better than link clicks… You may want to drive traffic to your website with ads, but your goal isn’t a sale or lead. The link click and landing page view aren’t good enough. This is one benefit of custom events with Google Tag Manager. One of the custom events I create… Read more »

Meta Verified is Coming to Businesses

Back in March, Meta rolled out Meta Verified for creators, which didn’t include businesses wanting verification. That’s changing now. Businesses can get verified on Facebook and Instagram to get access to the following benefits: • A verified badge • Impersonation protection • Account support • Improved discovery You’ll recall that when Meta Verified was launched… Read more »

Should You Listen to Meta Ad Reps?

Well, it depends… First, do they know what they’re talking about? In some cases, you will know more than your rep. You absolutely can get bad advice from them. Don’t waste your time with a clueless rep. Second, know that they have their own goals. They are essentially sales reps. They want you to spend… Read more »