Quick Video Tutorials

I have recorded several quick (less than 1 minute) video tutorials to help you understand how to execute Facebook marketing features and strategies. There is no sound — simply follow the clicks!

NOTE: The first 50 of my Quick Video Tutorials can be found below. I also create a new Quick Video Tutorial on a weekly basis for my Power Hitters Club communities (both Basic and Elite). To get access to the full Quick Video Tutorials library, learn about the Power Hitters Club.

50. Add purchase pixel event

49. How to create a Customer Lifetime Value Lookalike Audience

48. View funnel from Reaction to Registration

47. Use Campaign Goals

46. Create an audience based on device used

45. Create a Facebook Offer

44. Use Creative Split Testing

43. Use Block Lists

42. Use Domain Verification

41. Use Dynamic Language Optimization

40. Use the Store Visits objective

39. Create a Lookalike Audience

38. Share a Facebook pixel

37. View Dynamic Creative results

36. Restrict Lead Ad forms

35. Create a Sponsored Messge

34. Target those who searched your website

33. View number of registered fans

32. Edit the Lead Ad Form “thank you” screen

31. Create Custom Conversions

30. Add locations in bulk

29. View number of engaged fans

28. Sync leads from lead ads with your CRM

27. Block categories

26. WCAs based on content category

25. View conversions by attribution window

24. Create a Facebook Lead Ad form

23. Landing Page Views optimization

22. Event Custom Audiences

21. View all conversions

20. Dynamic creative

19. Clicks-to-conversions optimization

18. Saved Audiences

17. View pages liked by your audience

16. Publish an ad organically

15. Dayparting

14. Find Audience Overlap

13. Instagram profile custom audiences

12. Time on website custom audiences

11. Split test by optimization

10. Isolate performance by age and gender

9. Isolate performance by placement

8. Create an audience based on dollars spent

7. Create an audience of frequent website visitors

6. Create an audience of those who engaged with posts or ads

5. Target only those traveling in a specific area

4. Limit how often your ads are seen with Reach objective

3. Automatically increase budget with Automated Rules

2. Create an audience of people who registered for anything

1. Create an audience of people who watched your videos