The 4 Most Powerful Facebook Advertising Tools Marketers Aren’t Using

Something I want to do more of is hosting webinars. It’s important to share information in different forms, which is why I put so much into my blog posts, video blog and podcast.

Next Thursday, I’ll be hosting my second webinar, The 4 Most PowerFul Facebook Advertising Tools Marketers Aren’t Using.

Here’s a little video I cooked up to introduce it (ignore the arrow that doesn’t apply here!).

It’s incredible the types of things you can accomplish with Facebook ads. And it makes me shake my head when marketers make the claim that Facebook advertising doesn’t work or is limited.

The truth is that those making those claims likely haven’t dug deep enough into the toolbox. If you scratch the surface with things like Boosted Posts, you’ll get limited results.

I realize that the options are overwhelming. It’s tough to understand where to start.

That’s why I focused the webinar on these four things below.

First, I set up two sessions because I know that time zones are tricky. Click either of the links below to save your spot (spots are limited!):

1. Conversion Tracking

Optimize for and track your Facebook ads that lead to offsite conversions — and profit!

I’ve been using Conversion Tracking for campaigns that promote my Power Editor program for three weeks now. Not only am I seeing a cost per conversion of $1-3 (on a product currently selling for $73.50), but it makes it very easy to monitor what ads are and aren’t working — what ads are actually leading to sales!

2. Conversion Specs

Optimize your advertising for link clicks, photo views, video plays, likes, comments, shares and more!

When you use Optimized CPM, Facebook will automatically optimize for a specific action. Often, if it’s a post, they’ll optimize for engagement. But that’s often not what I want, and it likely isn’t what you want, either!

3. Custom Audiences

Target your email list and other customer lists — and users like them — in Facebook ads!

Go beyond your Facebook Fans and target actual customers. The things you can do here with a well segmented email list is pretty incredible.

4. Facebook Ads Reporting

Optimize your ads by applying what you learn with this incredible tool!

Create broadly targeted ads and easily monitor what is and isn’t working according to placement, cost per action, geography, age and gender. An extremely helpful addition.

I could’ve included more, but these are the four that you should start using today!

I’ll See You There!

The webinar will include a 45-minute presentation and a 15-minute Q&A session at the end.

If you want the NOON EST session, SIGN UP HERE, otherwise if you want something later in the day SIGN UP FOR THIS 8PM EST SESSION.

See you there!