The Podcast With No Name: Episode #3


What a week! While the standard format of my podcast will be focused on answering your questions, I went a little off the grid this week because there were so many amazing things that happened on Facebook this week. I did get around to answering one awesome question, but I spent the rest of this episode covering the exciting world of Facebook.

So have no fear. I will answer many more of your questions in the future. Have a question? Submit it to me and I’ll try to answer it on my next podcast!

This week’s info-packed episode is focused on the following:

    1. Facebook users don’t make purchases via ads? (Reader Question)
    2. Facebook Scheduled Posts
    3. Facebook Promoted Posts
    4. Facebook Admin Roles
    5. New Facebook Ad Create Flow and the amazing results!

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Reader Question

What can you say about this article from Reuters? @Reuters: 4 out of 5 Facebook users say they never purchased a product, service as a result of Facebook ads: Reuters/IPSOS poll
— Internet Marketer from the Philippines

Facebook Scheduled Posts

A big one to kick it off! Facebook has launched the ability to schedule posts without the penalty associated with scheduling from third party apps. How can Facebook marketers benefit? How can brands use it for good and how can they use it for evil? Plenty to cover here as I share how I look to use Facebook scheduled posts.

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Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Page managers can now easily promote their posts to reach more of their fans from the individual post itself. I cover which posts are eligible, which posts you should promote, the benefits of Promoted Posts, and some details of how I have used them so far.

Facebook Admin Roles

Facebook now allows Pages to split up administration duties so that brands can limit access to certain control and functionality. I talk about how brands can use this to their advantage and how you can use it to protect your interests.

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New Facebook Ad Create Flow and the amazing results!

Here I talk about what excited me most this past week — and the most in a long time! I did a complete 180 on this within a matter of hours — separated by blog posts. When I first checked out the new Facebook Ad Create Flow, I had serious questions and reservations of the use of Objectives, the removal of bidding for CPM and Facebook’s vague explanations for how they apply your budget. It simply wasn’t clear what you’d get for your money.

But you know what? After testing it out, I’m an enormous believer. This is an understatement. I recreated an ad I previously ran under the old system and got better than 20 times the results. My ad with the new Ad Create Flow was so “optimized” that I was spending only five cents per Like (and it has since trended below five cents!).

So here I talk about not only my own experience, but how you can look to get these same results for yourself.

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[audio:| Podcast – Episode #3]

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