Needed: Hungry Graphic Designer Who Likes Awesome Things

I’m Hiring!

Okay, I’m not paying. But I am on the lookout for an intern or volunteer who can fill the role of graphic designer.


This is the extent of my design skills!

If you’ve looked around my site and my Facebook page, you’ll probably notice some things that could be improved. My logo. My Facebook page profile photo and landing page. My email newsletter template.

I’m self-taught, so everything on this site and on Facebook was built with my hands. But I understand my limitations. And if you are being educated or have recently been educated in graphic design, I could use your help.

What’s in it for you?

The work you do will be seen by a growing audience on both this website and on Facebook.

My site has been alive since September and has received over 180,000 page views with a day high of over 12,000. This website is quickly rising up Alexa and is about to crack the top 250,000 globally (up more than 150,000 spots in under three weeks).

My Facebook page is four months old and has surpassed 2,000 likes and surging.

Your work will be seen.


I've received complaints about my ugly photo. Some of it is genetics, folks.

More than that, your work will be acknowledged. I’ll do more than simply accept your work quietly while you can link to it in your portfolio. I’ll publicly credit the work you do in a blog post, detailing exactly what it is you have influenced.

Additionally, I can provide you with secrets on how to run an online business and build your presence through social media. I’ve been using social media for business for over five years, dating back to my days with the NBA. It was so long ago that we couldn’t build our own app — we had to partner with Facebook. And we had groups, not pages.

I know stuff. We have things to offer one another.

This is what I will need:

  • New website logo
  • Review and refresh of web design as needed
  • Create a library of graphics that can be used for articles
  • Improve graphics for eBook
  • New logo for Facebook page
  • Create graphics for online ads
  • New graphics for welcome tab of Facebook page
  • Email template
  • Graphics for creation of marketing material templates for small businesses
  • Graphics for Jon Loomer Digital marketing materials

Maybe you are available, but not for that much work. I still want to talk. Or maybe we can work out a long-term partnership.

Think you’re the person I’m looking for? Simply fill out the form below. Let’s make this great(er) together!

Know a person who may be perfect for this opportunity? Please pass it on!

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