Jon Loomer Talks… (Episode #6)


Another week, another podcast! Facebook gave me plenty to talk about this week (special thanks to the recent Facebook email swap on profiles controversy!). You can listen to this week’s episode below…

[audio:| Podcast – Episode #6]

So what did I talk about?

The Facebook Email Controversy

I’ve tried to stray from Facebook privacy topics and anything unrelated to Facebook marketing, but this one was simply too juicy to ignore. The anger is again at a fever pitch as Facebook has decided to swap out your featured email address on your profile with your address.

Break out the pitchforks!

Maybe I’m just an easy going guy, but I don’t see the big deal. Listen to find out why!

Frequency of Facebook Posts Doesn’t Impact Reach

We’re repeatedly told in Facebook Marketing 101 to avoid over sharing. They say that with increased frequency, your EdgeRank will drop. This is Facebook’s way of telling you to chill out. As a result, you will reach fewer fans.

But is this actually true? I studied my Facebook Insights to find out. You may be surprised by the answer!

I also ended up going on a tangent here about EdgeRank. It’s funny how we dwell so much about the “negative” about EdgeRank, but it can also benefit you!

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The Hidden Gem of Facebook Power Editor

Earlier in June, it was announced that advertisers could now create Facebook ads that appeared in News Feeds and mobile devices. Yet, I couldn’t figure out how. I stumbled on Power Editor, which is a free Facebook tool that’s been around for over a year. I talk about the many benefits and drawbacks of using the tool.

What, When and How to Post on Facebook

Dan Zarella of Hubspot recently conducted a study of more than 1.3 Million Facebook posts and revealed his results in a very informative infographic. Some of the information that he uncovered is the complete opposite of what we have been previously told.

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That’s it! Thanks for listening!

[audio:| Podcast – Episode #6]