Welcome to the Social Media Jungle with Jason Miller

Jason Miller Podcast

Jason Miller, formerly of Marketo and now of LinkedIn, popped open a beer and we ranted about social media marketing in this awesome episode.

Topics discussed include:

  • Jason’s new gig as Content Marketing Manager for LinkedIn
  • How to maximize LinkedIn as a marketing channel
  • Moving beyond the tired, philosophical approach of marketing and focusing on results
  • How to measure social media ROI
  • Automation tools for advanced marketers
  • 80s hair metal Karaoke

Links mentioned include:

Now, Jason also mentioned a Vine video of he and Brian Carter performing Welcome to the Jungle at Social Media Marketing World. Unfortunately, I couldn’t track that down. If anyone finds it, provide a link in the comments!

You can find Jason on Twitter (@JasonMillerCA), at RockNRollCocktail.com and soon on the LinkedIn blog.

Take a listen below. You also have several ways to access the Pubcast:

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