How to Edit the Facebook Timeline Photos Icon

I’ve written several blog posts in the past about Facebook timeline app icons. If you edit your icons, you can create a very distinctive look and feel consistent with your brand. I’ve even provided 72 free icons that you can use for your own Facebook Timeline.

The one obstacle I keep getting asked about, however, is how to edit the Facebook Timeline Photos icon. They can’t be moved or edited. Yet it appears that some brands have gotten around this. How?

Well, that’s just what they did: Got around it. There is a simple work-around. You still can’t edit your icon, but you can make it look like you did.

Here’s how you can edit Facebook Timeline photos icon for your page…

From your Timeline, click on the Photos “icon.”

Click Photos Icon

Now click “Add Photos.”

Click Add Photos

From here, you may be given an option to “try the old photo uploader.” This is preferred since you will have the option to skip publishing the photo to your page. The thing is, this option seems to come and go for me, so it may for you as well.

If you didn’t have access to the old photo uploader, you may want to immediately go to your Timeline and click Edit and Hide from Page after publishing so that you won’t clutter News Feeds.

When you’re done, you’ll now have a nice looking (what appears to be) Facebook Timeline photos icon.

Facebook Timeline Photos Icon

The one problem, of course, is that this isn’t really an icon at all, but the most recent photo. Just remember to always go through this process in the future when adding new photos if you want to keep the appearance of a branded icon.

You may also want to edit the album to be something like App Icons so that you can add future icons to it as well. And you’ll probably want to move the album to the bottom so that it doesn’t take up valuable real estate.

Have you done a similar workaround? Or do you prefer to simply highlight the most recent photo?