How to Edit Facebook Timeline Featured Likes

On your brand’s Facebook Timeline, the third box on the right hand side is a dynamic list of pages that you (your page) likes. Only five are displayed, but random pages will be displayed each time someone refreshes.

Facebook Page Featured Likes

You may want to strategically select what pages appear here. Maybe you want to feature pages related to your company. Or maybe you want to feature pages that are relevant to the interests of your readers.

Guess what? You can change this. Here’s how to edit Facebook Timeline Featured Likes…

Facebook Timeline Featured Likes

The pages that appear in this box are considered your Featured Likes. If you would like to prioritize the pages that appear here, go to Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Featured.

Next click Edit Featured Likes.

Facebook Timeline Edit Featured Likes

Simply select that pages that you want to prioritize in that Likes box. The order will still be random, but the pages you selected will be prioritized.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick five. If you pick up to five, those you select will always appear in that box. If you pick more, only those you pick will be eligible to appear there (though a limit of five will appear at one time.

That’s it! Piece of cake. So do you strategically select what you feature here? How have you done it?