How to Create a Textured Background with Photoshop

I’m not a designer by trade, but I consider myself dangerous enough to be able to solve some simple problems. The one I am going to cover today is how to create a textured background with Photoshop, whether for WordPress or any website or blog.

Creating backgrounds is one of those things that is much easier than you think. And people charge for them. You won’t pay for one because it’s really not that hard to do. I created two for this site (on the home page, it’s the top and the middle).

Create a New File

First, create a new file. How big it is depends on what type of image you’re creating. If you’re creating a uniform image that won’t change whether it’s 10×10 or 1,000×1,000, then just make it 10×10 pixels. But if it isn’t uniform, you’ll want to avoid the lines that make it apparent you are repeating the same image. Just don’t repeat at all

Let’s create an image that isn’t uniform. In this case, I want it to cover whatever the area it is that I’ll be using a background. Just to play it safe, i’ll make it 1,400×500 pixels. I also set it at a 300 pixel resolution.

You can use whatever colors you want. For my images, I wanted to be neutral, so I used a combination of gray (#444444) and white.


Did I mention this wasn’t hard? This isn’t hard.

Go up to Filter > Artistic > Colored Pencil. That will give you a starting point. Try a few out. Some filters won’t do anything because you’re dealing with a blank canvas. Some will be pretty useful as potential backgrounds for you. Some won’t. I found about 20 total between the base filters for white and gray.


Mess around with the settings. Pick different colors. This isn’t something you can really mess up, and it’s really easy to just scrap it and create a new one. You’re not a designer, but you know what? Know one knows. You look good!


This is a new discovery for me, so I’m just figuring out the possibilities. Do you have any other tips for making a great background image for your website or blog?

Below are a few of the backgrounds I’ve created.