FB Insights Exclusive Workshop Course Calendar [Last Chance!]

Facebook Insights Exclusive WorkshopI’ve been looking forward to this!

After weeks of planning, the FB Insights Exclusive Workshop is ready to take off. You have until the end of the day April 1 to join me and save your seat.

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So, what can you expect? Here’s the course calendar:

Date Topic
April 1 Introduction: Web Insights
April 2 Introduction: Page Level Export
April 3 Introduction: Post Level Export
April 4 Reach and Impressions
April 5 Engaged Users
April 6 Consumers and Consumptions: Link Clicks, Photo Views, Video Plays, Other Clicks
April 7 Talking About This and Stories: Claims, Comments, Likes and Shares
April 8 Organic Reach
April 9 Paid Reach and Impressions
April 10 Viral Reach and Impressions
April 11 Negative Feedback
April 12 Fan Stats: Impressions, Reach, Paid, Engaged, Stories and Talking About This
April 12 Workshop: Mastering Your Post Level Stats
April 13 Negative Feedback: Hide, Hide All, Report Spam, Unlike, X Button
April 13 Round 1: One-on-One Sessions
April 14 Total Likes, Unlikes and New Likes
April 14 Round 1: One-on-One Sessions
April 15 Check-ins
April 15 Round 1: One-on-One Sessions
April 16 Like Sources
April 16 Round 1: One-on-One Sessions
April 17 Viral Reach and Impressions by Story Type
April 18 Frequency Distribution: Total, Page Posts, Viral
April 19 Talking About This and Stories by Story Type
April 20 Consumptions: Link clicks, photo views, video plays, other clicks
April 21 Likes Demographics
April 22 Reach Demographics
April 23 Talking About This Demographics
April 24 Tab Views
April 25 External Referrers
April 26 Measure Success #1
April 26 Workshop: Mastering Your Page Level Stats
April 27 Measure Success #2
April 27 Round 2: One-on-One Sessions
April 28 Measure Success #3
April 28 Round 2: One-on-One Sessions
April 29 Measure Success #4
April 29 Round 2: One-on-One Sessions
April 30 In Review
April 30 Round 2: One-on-One Sessions
May 1-7 Facebook Page Reviews Delivered

Each day will have a different theme. I’ll email you a daily lesson and you’ll be responsible for completing some homework (up to you on whether you complete it!). Twice per month we’ll have a small group webinar and twice we will also sit down for a one-on-one session.

If you want to join the group after the April 1 deadline, contact me to see if there is an opening.

I hope to see you there!

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