I Need Your Help! Select Facebook Video Training Topics

Jon Loomer Facebook Video Series HelpI have been putting off a project for far too long. I keep saying that I’m going to do it. Now, with your help, lets make sure it happens!

Together, we’re going to create “The Ultimate Facebook Training Video Series.” We’re going to put the “U” in “Ultimate!” It will cover every topic imaginable to help you become a better marketer on Facebook.

Make no mistake, this is a huge project. I’m stressing over things like the camera, set, music and editing, and I haven’t even finished my list of topics yet.

Where Do You Need Help?

So help me out here. I’ve started a list. I’ve split it up into four categories:

  1. Create a Page
  2. Features and Functionality
  3. Online and Offline Strategies
  4. Facebook Advertising

I’m confident that any topic we come up with will fit under one of those four categories. I envision a series for each — some quick one minute videos, some 10-minute, some 30-minute. I want to be as exhaustive as possible without boring the heck outta you.

To help brainstorm, I’ve gone through my blog history. I stared at my Timeline and the feature options. But I know I need more.

So, can you help me? Take a look at my list. Let me know what’s missing and what you don’t think is necessary. And if you’re an expert on video, I’m open to any tips you may have!

Create a Page

  • Start a Page
  • About Section under Cover
  • Basic Info
  • Tabs – what to feature, icons, how to make them
  • Cover Photo – Rules, dimensions, strategies
  • Profile Photo
  • Name – character limit, naming conventions, things to consider
  • Vanity URL
  • Featured Likes
  • Recent Posts by Others
  • Notifications
  • Permissions (posting, add photos/videos, tag photos, Message)
  • Timeline Dimensions
  • Invite Friends and Customers

Features and Functionality

  • Scheduling – How-to, strategies
  • Pin to Top – when, how, campaigns
  • Highlight – dimensions
  • Milestones – what, when, why
  • Offers – what, how, campaigns
  • Events
  • Admin Roles
  • Messages


  • Insights
  • How to Get More Likes
  • How to Increase Engagement
  • Best Practices: Photos
  • Best Practices: Links
  • Best Practices: Videos
  • Best Practices: Status Updates
  • Best Practices: Questions
  • Best Practices: Events
  • Running Contests (how-to, rules)
  • Using Facebook as a Page
  • Tagging Pages
  • EdgeRank
  • Buy Likes?
  • The 16%
  • Frequency
  • Social Plugins
  • Engagement based on content type
  • Content Calendars
  • Consistency
  • Diversity
  • Find a Voice
  • Assets
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • Be interesting, human and helpful

Facebook Advertising

  • Promoted Posts
  • Attract New Fans
  • Page Like Ads
  • Post Like Ads
  • Split Testing
  • Dimensions and Character Limits
  • CPC vs. CPM vs. Optimized
  • Facebook Power Editor
  • News Feed, Mobile, Sidebar
  • Facebook Tabs as Destination
  • Why ads fail
  • Copy
  • Imagery
  • Destination

Please provide your thoughts below, and let’s make a rockin’ video series!