Facebook Tip: Turn Off Close Friend Notifications

Ever since I started using Facebook’s new lists, I’ve noticed something very annoying: I get a bunch of random notifications when people in my Close Friends list posts an update.

Facebook Notifications

Apparently, Facebook thinks it's important I know about Two and a Half Men.

When I say “random,” I mean it. This list is a couple hundred people strong. So I don’t get a notification (thankfully) every time one of them posts an update. I only get a handful per day.

But those notifications have no utility at all. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to the people and types of content Facebook chooses to notify me about.

So why is Facebook notifying me? I’m guessing it’s just an early bug. But that doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a casual “close friend” or my wife, I don’t need to be notified when they post something.

I did some poking around today, and I found a way to turn off those pesky notifications. Just click on “Close Friends” on the left side of your news feed. Then, at the top right, there will be a drop-down for Notifications.

Facebook List Notifications

There it is! Turn that bad boy off...

The default, of course, is “On.” Turn those puppies off. Unless, of course, you enjoy getting random alerts for no apparent reason.