Facebook Timeline Dimensions: Another Change

Facebook loves to keep us on our toes. After we finally figured out the proper dimensions for cover photos and profile photos back in March, Facebook went and changed the size of profile photos, which completely messed up the dimensions of cover photos. Now, another very minor change has slipped through the cracks.

Thanks to a very alert comment from reader Cristian, it was pointed out that there were some inconsistencies with my infographic and what he was finding. After doing some verifying of my own, I determined the following changes need to be considered with Facebook cover photos:

  • The distance from the bottom of the cover photo to the top of the profile photo padding is now 104 pixels, not 105
  • The distance from the top of the cover photo to the top of the profile photo padding is now 211 pixels, not 210

These are very minor changes that may not impact everyone, but it will for some.

Cristian also says he found issues with the dimensions in the outer portions of the profile photo, but I was not able to confirm any problems there.

I think the one area of confusion is that the outermost pixel around the cover photo is blurred. This should also be considered.

I’ve provided a graphic showing the changes to the cover photo below. The infographic with all of the Timeline photo dimensions has also been updated.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Dimensions