Facebook Tweaks Page Notifications

Facebook makes so many subtle changes that they often show up to me by complete surprise. I’ll be navigating Facebook during the normal course of my day when all of a sudden…

Whoa. What the heck was that?!

That’s the case with the latest change I found related to Page notifications.

I navigate Facebook as my personal profile. While on my News Feed, I noticed that I had a new notification from my Page (Jon Loomer Digital), indicating a new comment or post Like. I clicked to my Page, clicked on the notification in my Admin Panel, and then…

Facebook Page Notification News Feed

…I was redirected back to my personal News Feed, the related post at the top. It starts out highlighted in a shade of yellow before the highlight fades away.

You’ll recall that in the past Page managers were taken to a bit of a dead end. We were directed to the unique URL for that specific post. I always hated it since it took me away from my regular activities.

I don’t know… is this better? Sure, I hated the dead end from before. But when I click to view activity on a post from my Page, why would I want to be redirected to my personal News Feed?

Sure, if this is the only notification and the only thing I wanted to do, it may be helpful to get me right back into my News Feed. But what if I have multiple notifications? I’d have to click back to the Page Admin Panel over and over to see the activity represented by each notification.

It’s kinda cool. But it’s still not the fix. I’d think that the perfect flow would be to have this post temporarily appear at the top of my Page Timeline. Keep that crazy yellow, fading highlighting thing if you want. But I don’t want a dead end and I don’t want to be directed outside of my Page.

Have you noticed this change? What do you think?