7 Tips to Mastering Facebook Marketing

I know it’s tough to keep up with me. A new blog entry every day. I give you everything you need to rock your Facebook marketing, but it’s not easy pulling everything together into one cohesive strategy.

That’s why every now and then I’ll write a blog post like this one to help you catch up. This post provides the bare essentials to build trust, build your brand, build your business and make money with Facebook.

These are the seven content pieces that are the backbone of everything that I do. Dig into them, understand them, follow them and you will be blazing trails on Facebook in no time.

Jon Loomer Infographics

Get Organized

Whether you’ve already created your Facebook Page or not, it’s time to step back and evaluate your current efforts. Do you have a strategy? Are you following best practices? Are you doing the basic things necessary? If not, your foundation is cracked.

That’s why I created the 29 Steps to Running an Effective Facebook Page. It details the process I go through as I evaluate the Pages of clients, and I also use it as a reminder for my own Pages.

If you read anything on this Page, make sure you read this one. It also comes with an infographic checklist. Who doesn’t love visuals?

Branding and Design

It kills me when I have a client who can’t figure out why they aren’t able to attract new fans… And their Page looks atrocious.

It’s not even because it wasn’t done by a designer. I’m talking about poor use of branding. A Cover Photo and Profile Photo that don’t fit together or that don’t scale properly. Facebook tab apps that either still have the old FBML logo on them or have inconsistent branding. Shared photos that are squeezed, stretched and cut off.

It’s painful. Stop doing these things.

I understand why you do. It’s impossible to keep up with the litany of ideal Facebook image dimensions. That’s why I created the Reference of Dimensions for Facebook Timeline For Pages infographic.

It should be no surprise that this is the single most viewed and shared piece of content on my website, and it’s really not close. Facebook does a poor job of educating brands on what sizes work best. But you don’t have that excuse. You have the solutions right here…

Use it. Print it. Share it. Live it!

Focus on Growth

Great, so now you have a Facebook Page that looks good. You follow the best practices. But now you need to grow!

Maybe you have a big budget. Maybe you have none. As a small business owner with a limited budget, I was able to grow quickly, and I maintain that growth today.

It’s not a secret, my friend, I’m an open book. Here’s How to Grow to 3,000 Facebook Likes in 6 Months. It includes paid strategies like Facebook ads, but it also includes approaches that you can do today without spending a dime.

Advertise to New Fans

Oh, so you’re convinced that you should run Facebook ads? Great. But please, please, please don’t screw them up!

Once again, there are certain best practices that you need to be aware of. Image sizes are important. Character limits are critical. And since that stuff is easy to forget, I created this handy Facebook Ad Dimensions and Character Limits Infographic.

Reach Current Fans

When people talk about Facebook advertising, it’s almost always around the topic of bringing in new fans. That’s so last year.

My advertising strategy is now broken down like this:

  • Increase Likes with Sponsored Stories (33%)
  • Increase conversions by driving people to Facebook tabs (33%)
  • Increase engagement by running Promoted Posts (33%)

That’s why I always shake my head when I hear about some new dust-up over click fraud or bots. If you focus entirely on increasing Likes, you’re putting yourself in a difficult position. You should also focus on measurable actions and driving your current fans to do awesome things.

A terrific development was the release of Promoted Posts. You are no longer at the mercy of EdgeRank and the times your fans are online. Reach many, many more relevant people who care about what you have to say.

Of course, you shouldn’t promote just any content. You need to be strategic about it. Here are 5 Things to Promote with Facebook Promoted Posts.

Offer Value

You’re on the way, young grasshopper. Your Page looks great. Your content follows best practices. You’re growing. You’re advertising like a superstar. But you also need to offer value.

The key word here is “Offer.” Facebook Offers is a feature that has not yet reached its full potential of awesomeness. I’ve yet to see any brand use them in the way I envision. Maybe you’re that brand who has the guts to try it.

Here are the 5 Creative Uses of Facebook Offers for Business. Try these out and report back!

Read My EBook

You’re pretty much rockin’ it if you’ve gotten this far. But let’s tie the bow on this bad boy by digging into my 6 Secrets to Facebook Marketing Success [eBook]. This is how we bring it all together. Cross the finish line with your arms in the air.

When you’re done, you won’t only know what you’re doing, you’ll do it with confidence. You’ll do it with swagger. And you’ll do it with a smile on your face because you know you’re reaching your company goals as a result.