Crushing Facebook Marketing ROI with Blake Jamieson [Podcast]

Social Media PubcastSurfer dude and kickass Facebook marketer Blake Jamieson stopped by the virtual bar this week, and we got absolutely drunk on Facebook marketing.

On this episode of the Social Media Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite, we talked about the following topics:

  • FBX and measuring ROI
  • News Feed ads and the balance between success and not ticking off users
  • Big time results with mobile install ads
  • Funding his awesome project, Dawn Patrol Truck

Here are a few links that were mentioned on this episode:

If you need more reason to fund Blake’s project, here’s a little video…

Blake also wanted to offer up this great resource for avoiding the 20% text rule on images within Facebook ads. Click this link for a PSD that he created.

Make sure you follow Blake’s work in the following places:


This week’s episode is sponsored by TabSite!

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