Facebook Tip: A Simple Way to Drive Website Traffic

There’s a very simple way to drive traffic to your website from your Facebook Page, and most brands fail to take advantage of it.

Underneath your photo, you have 155 characters to describe your brand in the About section…

Facebook Page About Under Cover Photo

I’ve seen too many brands fill this box with marketing babble about why your company is the greatest, or boring information about who you are.

Here is the key about that little About section: You can hyperlink to your blog or website.

Either click on the About section and then click the “Edit” button, or go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info. Edit the About text field there, making sure to include the URL to your site. You don’t need to include “http://” but you do need to include “www.” and Facebook will automatically convert it to a hyperlink.

Do it now and enjoy the referrals!