Where to Start with Facebook Ads? [VLOG #19]

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This week’s question comes from Asher Robinson:

Where would you suggest someone start who has a good understanding of facebook but hasn’t paid for ads before (where would they start with the paying for ads part)

Great question, Asher!

Some may send you straight to advertising to get more Likes. Or running a Promoted Post. But I recommend you first take a step back…

  1. Establish Your Page and Business Goals
  2. What are your Assets? (Email list, Facebook Page, blog/website, other social, designer, programmer, budget)
  3. Establish the Goals of your Advertising (increase Likes, increase engagement, increase sales)
  4. Start Basic – Self Serve Ad Tool
  5. Move to more advanced (Power Editor, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Partner Categories, Domain Sponsored Stories, Conversion Tracking, FBX)

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