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How much do you know about Facebook ads?

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(T/F) One advantage of customizing text by placement is that all variations leverage and display the same engagement
(T/F) You can promote an existing post with either Ads Manager or the Boost button
(T/F) Your pixel is clearly visible to all visitors of your website.
(T/F) Facebook has their own WordPress plugin for adding the pixel to your website.
Where would you set your budget and schedule?
Where should the base pixel code be placed on your website?
Which of the following is not considered an ad format?
(T/F) Advertisers have the ability to customize creative by placement when promoting an existing post in Ads Manager
(T/F) One advantage of a saved audience is that you can use it as a source for a lookalike audience
(T/F) The pixel does not allow you to track information like time spent on your website or scroll depth.