EXPERIMENT: Lesson Unlocked (4 Views)

Hey, welcome back to my experiment! I served you a Facebook ad because you have viewed 4 or more pages of my website during the past 180 days.

A video of today’s lesson is embedded below…

The biggest challenge of this experiment is targeting. I want to reward prior engagement and incentivize more of it. The costs should be low due to the small audience I’m trying to reach, but I also don’t want to throw money away. I don’t have a central motivation of selling a product.

One lever we have available to us to control waste is exclusions. I want to reach a specific group, but I don’t want to pound your feed with ads.

The easiest exclusion is to simply exclude those who already visited this page from seeing the ad that linked to it. It’s a lot like promoting an opt-in or one-time sale of a product. Once the person has done the thing you want them to do, there’s no reason to keep promoting that thing.

But, Facebook video also gives us additional options for creative exclusion. You can create audiences of people based on their engagement with a video:

  • 3 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • ThruPlay or 15 seconds
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 95%

Viewing this page is enough to exclude you from seeing the ad that led you here. But depending on the length of the video, I may apply exclusions based on how much you watched, even if to give you a brief break from the ad. It’s an easy way to control frequency and limit waste.

The first lesson was a video that was about three minutes long. That provides lots of opportunities for scaling breaks from my ads. Hopefully, it will force Facebook to show them to someone else in the meantime.

The screenshot above is from the targeting I used for that first ad set. As you can see, I excluded anyone who visited the lesson on my website during the past 180 days (the maximum). I also assume those who watched 95% of the video got just as much out of the lesson as those who went to the web page. I exclude them from seeing the ad for the maximum, too (365 days).

Then I gave short breaks based on shorter views of the video.

  • 3 seconds: 2 days
  • 10 seconds: 3 days
  • 25%: 4 days
  • 50%: 5 days
  • 75%: 6 days

After that first lesson, I’ve decided to use 15-second short videos to promote future lessons. In that case, I won’t exclude people from ever seeing the ad again if they watch the whole thing. They only watched a 15-second short! But I will exclude them based on a 1, 2, or 3-day retention to give them a quick break.

While I want the ads to be exclusive, there’s a balance between small audiences and no delivery. And that seems to be tougher than ever with Facebook these days. If you limit the audience too much, your ad just won’t go. If delivery starts to become tougher as the audiences get smaller, I’ll need to reconsider my exclusions.

If you want to get more tips served to you, you’ll need to first qualify! The next threshold to hit is viewing at least five pages of my website in 180 days. The good news is that by viewing this page, you should’ve knocked out one of them!

View Prior Lessons

I have multiple engagement thresholds for viewing lessons in this experiment. If you were already ultra-active on my website, it’s possible you’ll skip a few of the initial lessons. As a result, I will link to all prior lessons at the bottom of each one.

Here you go: