EXPERIMENT: Lesson Unlocked (24 Views)

Hey, welcome back to my experiment! I served you a Facebook ad because you have viewed 24 or more pages of my website during the past 180 days.

Today’s video lesson is embedded below…

Something I was curious about was how small an audience could be for Facebook to continue to show the ad. The audience size comes into play in a couple of ways here.

First, there’s the overall potential audience size. Is there a potential audience size where Facebook won’t even try to show the ads because it’s too small? What is that minimum?

Second, how does frequency capping come into play? So, maybe the original potential audience size of 300 is fine. But, what happens if I reach most of these people in the first two days and use a frequency cap of 1 in 3 days? Can the audience get too small for that day? Will I need to adjust frequency capping?

So far, so good. I’m not having any distribution issues. While we have to guess on audience sizes now since they are all under 1,000, the audience for this lesson will likely be over 500 people. None of the previous lessons have had trouble delivering.

What is interesting is seeing frequency capping impact Facebook’s ability to show ads to the largest possible audience. But the ads are still getting shown. Yesterday, for example, the prior lesson was only shown to 58 people. This was because it was the third day of the ad set and I’m using a frequency cap of 1 in 3 days.

Will we be able to reach single digits in a day? What sized audience is too small? Keep in mind that just because an audience has 500 people in it doesn’t mean that Facebook can reach all 500. Given Facebook’s “sticky” stats, we can expect that about 2/3 of those 500 people are on Facebook and reachable on any given day.

This is important for applying to our day-to-day advertising. Particularly when you consider ad strategies like abandoned shopping cart, where we target those who recently added a product to a cart but didn’t purchase. Those could be very small audiences, and we want to have confidence that Facebook will deliver the ad.

If you want to get more tips served to you, you’ll need to first qualify! The next threshold to hit is viewing at least 25 pages of my website in 180 days.

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I have multiple engagement thresholds for viewing lessons in this experiment. If you were already ultra-active on my website, it’s possible you’ll skip a few of the initial lessons. As a result, I will link to all prior lessons at the bottom of each one.

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