EXPERIMENT: Lesson Unlocked (14 Views)

Hey, welcome back to my experiment! I served you a Facebook ad because you have viewed 14 or more pages of my website during the past 180 days.

Today’s video lesson is embedded below…

When I run an experiment like this where I tell people how I’m targeting them, it’s inevitable that I’ll hear from people that they are seeing ads that they shouldn’t. The reality is I’m surprised I haven’t heard more of it this time around!

There are a few reasons why someone may report seeing an ad that they don’t think they should see:

1. I set it up wrong. I duplicate ad sets when I create a new one, so I may have forgotten to update the targeting. Or I may have created the audience incorrectly. I’ll go back and confirm it’s set up properly.

2. The user is wrong. Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply not knowing that they did the thing that they say they didn’t do. That happens. It also could be a misunderstanding of how the audience was assembled. And they may be seeing the post organically if someone they know engaged with it.

3. Facebook is buggy. Sometimes, Facebook screws up and does something they shouldn’t.

All of these things are possible. However, when given these situations, I’m always going to favor the easiest, most logical explanation — particularly if the data backs it up.

In this case, the data certainly backs up that each lesson is being shown to a more exclusive group. I am tracking this campaign very closely, and following are the total people reached by ad set (through yesterday):

  • 2+ Views (30 Days): 6438
  • 3+ Views (180 Days): 9378
  • 4+ Views (180 Days): 6567
  • 5+ Views (180 Days): 4335
  • 6+ Views (180 Days): 3616
  • 7+ Views (180 Days): 2971
  • 8+ Views (180 Days): 2473
  • 9+ Views (180 Days): 2067
  • 10+ Views (180 Days): 1852
  • 11+ Views (180 Days): 1651
  • 12+ Views (180 Days): 1271
  • 13+ Views (180 Days): 1124

You’ll recall that the first ad set was targeted at people who viewed at least 2 pages during the past 30 days. I then changed to 180 days for all future audiences.

I allotted the same budget for each ad set. The most recent lessons aren’t even spending the entire budget. Clearly, these audiences are getting smaller as we move to each new lesson. Each new lesson is being shown to a more exclusive group, which is what I want.

That said, there could have been a better way to target an exclusive audience. One of the potential areas of confusion is that you don’t necessarily need to view 14 DIFFERENT/UNIQUE pages of my website to see this lesson. You simply need to have the PageView event fire (it fires every time the pixel loads) 14 different times.

I think about my own behavior and how this may result in issues. I keep a million (or so) tabs open. Those tabs will reload on their own, particularly if I reboot and keep the same tabs. Each time that happens, the PageView event fires with the pixel.

So, technically, someone doesn’t need to be a super-loyal visitor to view this lesson. Another way I could have targeted would have been based on time spent.

One way we can do that is using Facebook’s built-in method of creating audiences based on percentiles of time spent.

That, of course, wouldn’t have been useful for this experiment since it’s too rigid — it only gives me three percentiles.

I could also create an audience based on a custom event that fires on my website for time spent on a page. This event fires whenever you spend 60 seconds or more on a page.

Once again, I can refine by frequency. I would assume that the audience of people who fired the Time on Page (60 seconds) event 14 times or more during the past 180 days is smaller than the audience of people who viewed 14+ pages (or executed 14+ PageViews). Quality in each visit then matters.

The nice thing about the custom event route is that not only is it more flexible than the percentile thresholds, but I can optimize for and track those events as well.

If you want to get more tips served to you, you’ll need to first qualify! The next threshold to hit is viewing at least 15 pages of my website in 180 days.

View Prior Lessons

I have multiple engagement thresholds for viewing lessons in this experiment. If you were already ultra-active on my website, it’s possible you’ll skip a few of the initial lessons. As a result, I will link to all prior lessons at the bottom of each one.

Here you go: