Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign – Worksheet

This worksheet was developed as part of the How to Run a Facebook Page that Rocks eBook by JonLoomer from 

Before you run your first ad campaign, you’ll need to think through your goals and plan of attack!

1. What are you looking to accomplish with your Facebook ad (drive more likes, application installs, revenue, etc.)?




2. Who is your target audience (male/female, age, geography, etc.)?




3. What are 10 interests or pages that a prospective fan may currently like?




4. Describe five different creative ideas for the images that would appear in your ads.




5. List five different ad copy ideas. Keep it short and make sure there’s a call to action!




6. Brainstorm your plan of attack. When will you run your first campaign? What is your budget? Will you run multiple campaigns at once?