Why Facebook Subscriptions Endanger Twitter

Contact Me | Recommendations Facebook is taking over the world. With the move to more passive sharing, it’s becoming a bigger part of our lives. And now, for the first time, I think it spells trouble for Twitter. The litmus test: My wife. My wife is a smart person. She doesn’t copy and paste Facebook… Read more »

A Comparison of Traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Contact Me | Recommendations What generates more traffic to your website, Facebook or Twitter? Which social network generates better quality traffic? The answers to both questions are surely different for each person and each business. But I wanted to provide you with the results of what I’m finding on one of my websites. Brewers1982.com: What… Read more »

20 Most Common Questions About Twitter

Contact Me | Recommendations For a simple service based on 140-character “tweets,” Twitter really confuses new users. It’s filled with rules, etiquette, lingo and unclear functionality. I already created 10 Tips for a New Twitter User to use as a guide to get started. But once you start, you’re bound to have questions. And I… Read more »

Google Plus May Be Right For You If…

Contact Me | Recommendations During the past few days, Facebook has made some dramatic changes to their platform. Those changes have garnered the expected response: A mixture of confusion, frustration and anger (and those who actually think it’s pretty cool). Every time this happens, users threaten to leave. This time, they actually have an alternative…. Read more »