How the New Facebook Puzzle Pieces Fit Together

What I appreciate most about the recent Facebook announcements is how each new feature fits together like a puzzle. In the past, it was not always clear that releases came together with a bigger picture in mind. But Smart Lists, Subscriptions, News Feed, Ticker, Timeline and Media Apps all fit together in a very clean,… Read more »

The New Facebook Timeline: A Tour

Contact Me | Recommendations The biggest announcement from today’s f8 Conference was the unveiling of the new Facebook user profile, renamed the Timeline. CEO Mark Zuckerberg considers your Timeline “the heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up.” It is. This is a dramatic change. In the past, the user profile was… Read more »

Takeaways: Facebook Changes Everything

WOW. I just watched the live stream of the f8 Conference. Facebook unveils even more changes to the platform. Big, big changes. Really amazing changes. WOW. Look, I came into this a bit concerned. Facebook loves to go big. They do it every year. And each time, it seems like they shock us with just… Read more »

A Very Quick Guide to Facebook Privacy

As I wrote my post about the new Facebook News Feed today, one of my concerns was over the Ticker and privacy. It’s not that your privacy settings are changed in any way. It’s that Facebook now surfaces some things that you didn’t previously think about. These things in particular: You commented on someone’s status… Read more »