Update: Facebook Page Likes Link Goes to Insights

I created my Facebook page only days ago, so I pay attention to the modest number of likes. When it goes up, I click the “Likes This” link under the number on the left hand side. Sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes it’s someone I don’t know. Either way, I find knowing the Facebook page likes… Read more »

11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

I struggled with the title of this tutorial. “11 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans.” I’ve seen too many articles with a similar title full of empty promises. And they’re all written by shady social media “gurus” or “ninjas” who claim you’re missing an opportunity to get rich quick with your Facebook page. Let me… Read more »

How to Engage Fans on Your Facebook Page

The secret to a successful Facebook page is a highly engaged community. You can drive thousands of fans with ads, but the number will be hollow if they aren’t active and engaged. Why is this important? An engaged fan who interacts with your page is developing a loyalty for your brand. By being actively involved… Read more »

How to be Strategic with your Facebook Page

Back when Facebook pages first became “all the rage” among brands, conventional wisdom was that you had to have one if you were serious about your business. Now, this wasn’t necessarily a false statement, but it lacked any big picture thinking. While the sentiment was correct, most companies jumped in blindly without knowing the how… Read more »

How to Create a Facebook iFrame for your Business Page

In prior tutorials, we’ve discussed the benefits and power of using Facebook iFrames. Now we’re going to get into the details of how you can create your own. 1. Create the Content If you have a WordPress site, let me save you some trouble. Install the Facebook Tab Manager by David Carr. I wish I… Read more »