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A blog is an important piece to a successful digital marketing strategy. Regular content allows you to interact with your customers on your own domain, keep your website’s content fresh, share content to your social media accounts and improve your websites SEO.

A good blog is updated regularly and consistently, has an active comments section, is a less formal way to communicate your brand’s message and is closely tied to your social media efforts.

Do you need a blog? Does your blog need help?


I built the WordPress blog tied to this website, and I can also build the blog that fits your brand.

Create a custom WordPress blog

We’ll help you create the blog that fits your needs:

  • Conference call to understand company’s goals, priorities and obstacles
  • Collaborate on your blog’s design and how it connects to your website
  • Work together to determine and activate beneficial plugins
  • Integrate social media accounts
  • Training and assistance with blogging strategy available