6 Problems with New Facebook

Ever since Facebook’s big announcements two days ago, opinions have been flying. Not surprisingly, most opinions are to one extreme or the other: It’s the greatest thing to happen to humanity since the invention of water or Run for your lives, we’re all going to die! Maybe I should be more excitable. I can try…. Read more »

Google Plus May Be Right For You If…

Contact Me | Recommendations During the past few days, Facebook has made some dramatic changes to their platform. Those changes have garnered the expected response: A mixture of confusion, frustration and anger (and those who actually think it’s pretty cool). Every time this happens, users threaten to leave. This time, they actually have an alternative…. Read more »

How the New Facebook Puzzle Pieces Fit Together

What I appreciate most about the recent Facebook announcements is how each new feature fits together like a puzzle. In the past, it was not always clear that releases came together with a bigger picture in mind. But Smart Lists, Subscriptions, News Feed, Ticker, Timeline and Media Apps all fit together in a very clean,… Read more »

The New Facebook Timeline: A Tour

Contact Me | Recommendations The biggest announcement from today’s f8 Conference was the unveiling of the new Facebook user profile, renamed the Timeline. CEO Mark Zuckerberg considers your Timeline “the heart of your Facebook experience, completely rethought from the ground up.” It is. This is a dramatic change. In the past, the user profile was… Read more »