Frustration Over Facebook Search

It wasn’t long ago that I had no expectations for Facebook search. I never used it. It had no value. But now that it’s somewhat improved, I’m begging for more. And as a result, I’m more critical of the little things that drive me crazy. It all started with a fun video that I took… Read more »

Win Free Digital Marketing Consultation

Have you been running a digital strategy with limited success and want another opinion? Are you having a hard time getting your strategy off the ground and need some help? Fill out the form below for a chance to win a free digital marketing consultation! One lucky winner will get the following: After completing a… Read more »

Why Facebook Subscriptions Endanger Twitter

Contact Me | Recommendations Facebook is taking over the world. With the move to more passive sharing, it’s becoming a bigger part of our lives. And now, for the first time, I think it spells trouble for Twitter. The litmus test: My wife. My wife is a smart person. She doesn’t copy and paste Facebook… Read more »

A Comparison of Traffic from Facebook and Twitter

Contact Me | Recommendations What generates more traffic to your website, Facebook or Twitter? Which social network generates better quality traffic? The answers to both questions are surely different for each person and each business. But I wanted to provide you with the results of what I’m finding on one of my websites. What… Read more »